Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first blog award!!

I am soo excited!  I just recieved my first award from Jen at Jen's Craft Corner!!

As part of this award, I have to answer the following 12 questions and pass this on to 6 people. Here are the answers to my questions:

 Name your favorite color? PINK!!!
 Name your favorite song? I have a lot of them, but All my life, but KC and Jojo is the song, I walked down the aisle to when I got married.
Name your favoirte dessert? Chocolate cake
 What wizzes you off at the moment? My child not going to bed!
 Your favorite pet? I can't pick a favorite, I have 2 wonderful kitties.  Friday Night and Prince Phillip
Black or white? White
Your biggest fear? I have no idea...
Best feature? Eyes.
Everyday attitude? To keep trying everyday and not let things get me down.
What is perfection? My family
Guilty pleasure? Scrapbooking supplies, and other craft stuff.
 When you're upset? It is bad, but I upset eat.

It was sooo hard to just pick 6  people. There are soo many talented people out there!   I am passing this along to are


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your award and THANK YOU so much for thinking of me! I will definitely add this to my blog with pride!! Thanks again and have a great day :)


Jens Craft Corner said...

Congratulations on your first blog award! I was happy to give it to you! Enjoy!

Cindy P. said...

wow, you are the sweetest, Sugarlips! Thanks SO MUCH for the award...I love butterflies! Congrats on your award!!! Isn't blogging just the best!!
Cindy Porter