Saturday, October 29, 2011

Craft room clean up update

Hey Everyone,
I know it has been a few days, but things have been super hectic at home.  I have slowly been working though. Day 3, I worked on cleaning up all the craft stuff in my room and relocating it down in the craft room. Day 4, involved relocating all the items from the garage to their home in the craft room.  There are now a whole lotta boxes in the craft room, and they are ready to be cleaned out.  I am taking the weekend off.  Hopefully, I will feel better, and all the drama at my, will be better, and then I will get back to working on cleaning up some more.  I am so thankful that June is doing this and encouraging everyone, it has been such a help!
Have a great save Halloween everyone and see you Monday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Craft room clean up day 2

Today I concentrated on finishing picking up the piles on my desk and then on this bin.

Everything in it found a place to nicely be put away.

Then I worked on finding all my ribbon and making a ribbon drawer.

That was it for today.  It feels so good to be getting this stuff done.  Hope you are having joining in and cleaning up along with me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craft Room clean up day 1

I was really inspired when I read my blogger dashboard and saw June's post about her urge to purge.  You can check out June's blog here.  She has such beautiful projects, you will not regret checking her out.
Anyway, she is doing a craft room cleaning and purge and it really clicked with me that I needed to clean my craft room.  She is also taking pictures so I took a few pictures.

  A few weeks ago, I had a flat u shaped  desk.  There was no storage on it, and it was a little small because of the containers, i had stacked on it.  I saw a posting on craigslist,  Free desk, you just had to move it from the basement.  Ok, I reply. when I get there it is HUGE!!  (as you can see)  The basement is down 3 flights of stairs with multiple turns.  It was a giant pain to try and get out of the house!! My dad and friend were not very happy!!  I had to move stuff to the garage just to get the desk in my house. So now there is craft stuff in my room, garage, random bins in the house and with this project I want to get it all together and clean.  I started cleaning the desk to make room for when I clean out the bins.

 It was a quick project. It only took about 15 minutes including moving the shelves around.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Winner of the Blessed to be 60 hop

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day.  I am so excited to announce winners.  I like to give stuff away. :)  I have been lucky winning hops and I hope others feel the same way.
I decided to have one winner each day. You will each receive 4 cuts.  I can email you with what I have and you can tell me what you would like from them.

Winner from day 1

Susan said...

Very cool card! I love how you used an older stamp and combined it with new techniques to give it a modern look.

I have some projects going now but will be back to do the hop later today! TFS!

Winner from day 2
Kathy said...

Congratulations on fighting and now you have a permanent reminder of where you've been and who you are! Thanks for sharing with us!
Congrats both of you! I have to say, I went to and did the numbers and then headed back to my log to find the winners.  I laughed when I saw it was Susan.  Susan and I just recently found each others blogs, and it turns out that we live very close to each other and we are planning a scrap day.  I guess I will just bring hers to our scrap day. :)

I also really want to mention the giveaway on Kathie's blog.  Here are the details.  There is a picture on the side bar you can click that or here.

This is copied from her blog..

I wanted to give back as I feel I am very fortunate to be a Kidney Cancer Survivor, So I will be offering a HUGE giveaway, To be eligible to win all you need to do is follow this link to my donation site and donate $3.00 to the Kidney Cancer Association and come back and leave a comment on this post, You can certainly donate more but please make it a separate donation so you have additional entries thus increasing your chances to win Please read is not necessary to become a member of the Kidney Cancer Association. Just fill in your name, address, phone number and email address, then your donation amt. It does require a credit card.
Total Prize Winnings:

Lil Monkey

Hey Everyone!  I hope you are having a great day.  I have a digital layout for you.  I wasn't feeling great the past few days, so digital is what I do when I feel cruddy.  Sketches in Thyme has their open challenge, which means you can use any sketch you want, and Becky Fleck had a fabulous sketch so I combined the 2.

 This layout is for my friend. It was the first time we took her son to the zoo, and he had so much fun.  She is considering scrapbooking and I think digital would be awesome for her, so I trying to show her what you can do with the kits.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blessed to be 60 day 2

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to day 2 of the Blessed to be 60 hop.  If you are just joining us and want to start at the beginning head to Kathie.  Make sure to check out the day 1 projects also.

Today is all about Cancer education.  I want to talk to you about thyroid cancer.  I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2007.  I was having "girl" issues and my OBGYN wanted me to get checked out one last time before they took care of them. My doctor happened to feel something in my neck and had it checked out.  After 2 surgeries and a week in the hospital, it was found that I had Anaplastic, follicular and papillary cancer in my thyroid.  I am so lucky to be alive.

All this info was taken from  Public Med Health.  I am highlighting just a few things, please head to the site to learn more.

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that starts in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located inside the front of your lower neck.
Thyroid cancer can occur in all age groups.

There are several types of thyroid cancer:
  • Anaplastic carcinoma (also called giant and spindle cell cancer) is the most dangerous form of thyroid cancer. It is rare, and does not respond to radioiodine therapy. Anaplastic carcinoma spreads quickly.
  • Follicular carcinoma accounts for about 10% of all cases and is more likely to come back and spread.
  • Medullary carcinoma is a cancer of nonthyroid cells that are normally present in the thyroid gland. This form of the thyroid cancer tends to occur in families. It has been linked with several specific genetic mutations. It requires different treatment than other types of thyroid cancer.
  • Papillary carcinoma is the most common type, and usually affects women of childbearing age. It spreads slowly and is the least dangerous type of thyroid cancer.


  • Cough
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Enlargement of the thyroid gland
  • Hoarseness or changing voice
  • Neck swelling
  • Thyroid lump (nodule)


Treatment depends on the type of thyroid cancer.
Surgery is most often done. The entire thyroid gland is usually removed. If the doctor suspects that the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck, these will also be removed during surgery.
Radiation therapy may be performed using external beam (x-ray) radiation or by taking radioactive iodine by mouth. It may be done with or without surgery.
After treatment, you need to take thyroid hormone to replace what your glands used to make. The dose is usually a little higher than what your body needs, which helps keep the cancer from coming back.
If the cancer does not respond to surgery or radiation and has spread to other parts of the body, chemotherapy may be used, but this is only effective for a small number of patients.

Expectations (prognosis)

Anaplastic carcinoma has the worst outcome of all the types of thyroid cancer. It is usually deadly despite aggressive treatment.
Follicular carcinomas are often fast growing and may spread to other tissues, but the outlook is still good. Most patients are cured.
The outcome with medullary carcinoma varies. Women under age 40 have a better chance of a good outcome.
Papillary carcinomas are usually slower growing. Most people are cured and have a normal life expectancy.
Patients who have treatment for thyroid cancer must take thyroid hormone pills for the rest of their lives.


Complications of thyroid cancer may include:
  • Injury to the voice box and hoarseness after thryoid surgery
  • Low calcium levels from accidental removal of the parathyroid glands during surgery
  • Spread of the cancer to the lungs, bones, or other parts of the body
 Another great resource is Thyca.  It is a thyroid cancer survivor's group and it is full of information.
Now, on to the project...

So, me being  I cut all the pictures for this sketch and knew what I wanted to do, but I don't have any paper that I like for it. GRR! I hate when that happens.    It got morphed into a digital layout.  i would have liked to use different colors, but I had to work with the digital papers I had.  i still like how it turned out though.  A few weeks ago, my husband went out of town.  While he was gone my BFF, who is my partner in crime, took me to get a tattoo.  I had wanted one for years, since I was first in remission, and always chickening out. These are pictures she took during the process.

This project was based off this sketch from sketches in thyme.
  Don't forget to become a follower, and leave a comment for a chance to win some blog candy.

Update, i'm a total  I forgot to tell you to hop over to Amy.  Sometimes I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sketches in Thyme Challenge #57

***Click HERE for the Blessed to be 60 hop.***

Over at Sketches in Thyme they had a sketch challenge for this sketch.  I thought it was perfect for this set of pictures I recently got from a friend.  I didn't want it to be too girly, but I think it turned out.

All the papers were from an Oriental Trading, the bling was from my stash and the letters were cut from Plantin Schoolbook.  I had cut the stars, added a little glitter and it was done. 

Have a great day!

Blessed to Be 60 Blog Hop

Kathie's Birthday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Blessed to Be 60 Blog Hop!!    We are here to celebrate the fact that the very brave and talented Kathie is celebrating her 60th Birthday!!  Birthdays and Cancer are both important to me and it is so fantastic that Kathie beat that nasty disease and is here to share with us.

You should have hopped over from Tisha at Tisha's Craft Cove, I always love going to Tisha's you never know what fantastic project she will make.  If you didn't come from Trisha and want to join us, head to Kathie's to start.

On to my project, my sister's birthday is coming up so I made her a cute little card.

This was a quick and easy card, I found this old Stampin Up stamp from the 1990's and used it.  I colored it using Derwent colored pencils, and blended.  The blue papers are from my scrap bin. The star shape is Fiskars shape cutters, but I just traced it and cut by hand.  I chalked the edges of the card and the stars, and popped the top star up.  I used the Cricut Cake, Birthday cakes cartridge for the Happy Birthday.  Super easy.

Here is the blog line up in case you got lost.
  1. Kathie:
  2. Kari:
  3. Debbie:
  4. Carla :
  5. Kathy:
  6. Heather:
  7. Vicki:
  8. Tisha:
  9. Me
  10. Amy

A few last things before you hop away to Amy.

  Candy!!  Blog candy! 

I will be offering 4 cricut cuts from any of my cartridges in honor of the 4 years that I have been in remission from cancer.  I will contact the winner with a list of my cartridges and they will be able to pick.  You must be a follower and leave some contact info so I can get a hold of you.

Also, this is a 2 day hop, make sure to come back tomorrow for another project and more chances to win the candy.

Have a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Market Street Stamps Block Party

Hey Everyone!

I am sitting here just watching the O.C.  LOL My friend tells me I am so old school, but I love it!  Anyway, over at Market Street Stamps  they are having a special block party.  I wanted to make something different for my project and I love how it ended up.

I found these frames in a 4 pack for $1 at Ikea.  I stamped the market street background stamp, vintage music, on the red and then embossed it with sparkles.  I cut it to fit the 4x6, and then the blue is 3.5x3.5 and it is perfect for a small picture. The wording is on the outside of the glass. They are October Afternoon rub-ons.

I hope you enjoyed my project, and have a great day!

Winner!!! Woohoo!!

Hi Everyone,
In my post last week, where I was absolutely bored :)  I hid a giveaway. I had 3 entries and picked number 3 which is Lisa From Indy Mermaid.  If you haven't checked out her site, do it, she is fabulous!!

Lisa, Congrats! Email me your shipping info, and if you have any requests, like ribbon, or paper or cricut cuts.  I will try and accommodate.   I have lots of ribbon...hint hint :)

Please contact me at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Link up with Love Party with K Andrew

I love how these pages turned out.  I have mention my weird sized scrapbook, so have been trying to make more pages for it.  These pages started out for a design team project, but the whole thing got cancelled so I am sharing them here.

The halloween paper was crumbled up for the one mat and the background of the other, it was a piece I picked up at Joanns, a long time ago.  The purple sparkly paper is also from joanns, I believe it is coredinations, but I am not positive. The orange, and purple mats for the stamps are bazill paper from Eye-lets Etc.  Both of the super adorable stamps are from Mel Jens Designs.  I colored them with prismacolor markers.  The glitter on the spider was a light purple from Studio G.   The ribbon I pulled out of my enormous ribbon stash :)  A few eyelets from Eye-lets Etc and it was done.

Have a great day.  I will be linking with up for the K Andrews Link up with Love party.  Here are all the details I got them all from her site. :)

Link Up Love Party: How it Works

*Link Up Party runs from Tuesday 10/18 to Tuesday 10/25. Winners announced 10/31
*Grab my blinkie and post on your blog's sidebar
*Be a follower of this blog(
*Create a new blog post that is titled Link Up Love Party with K Andrew. In your post, you must mention that the link up love party is a way to get to know each other and find new blog inspiration, mention my blog, with a link back to my blog .
*Post your favorite project that you've done in your blog post THAT HAS TO DO WITH HALLOWEEN!! That could be a card, layout, treat holder or decoration, anything halloween related.
*Copy and paste the link up code into your blog post so the Inlinkz will show up on your blog
*Spread the word so everyone can join in!
*You must visit, follow, and comment on the 5 people before you AND the 5 people after you in the Inlinkz. It would be fantastic if you would visit as many as you can--maybe everyone? If you are one of the first 5 then you will need to blog the ones before you and a few more after--as long as it's a minimum of 10 near you in the link up tool/gadget)
If you do not do the above your link will be deleted, because it's just not fair to those who work so hard linking up and showing love to the ones on the list. I have two moderators who will be checking this out to keep it awesome and fun!

Link Up Party: Giveaway! A FULL year subscription to the best scrappy magazine out there: Creating Keepsakes for TWO lucky followers who Link up and play correctly. Winner will be announced October 3'rd so make sure you come back to see if you won!!!! Remember, if you dont' claim your prize within ONE week, it goes back in to the pot!

Link Up Party Every Month!  I couldn't figure out the html thing, so her blog is

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sketches in Thyme Design Team Call

I love using sketches.  I don't share everything that I make on here, I should start sharing more of the layouts, but anyway...Sketches in Thyme is having a design team call and I wanted to try out.

Here is the sketch that we had to work from.

I wanted to do something unique.  I have a 5.5 x7.5 album, and it is difficult to make pages that size look good.  I used this sketch to make a page for that album.

I think it turned out really cute!  Everything was from my scrap file. I cut the base to 5.5 x 7.5, the pink layer was 5.7, the blue strip was cut to 1.5 x5, and the other pink, I can't  I inked the pink that I can't remember in pink ink, and the blue strip with black ink.  I dashed the green, and around the outside with a purple gelly roll pen.  The circles were cut with punches and added a little bling.  The letters were stickers from my stash.  The black is not part of the layout, it just made a nice background. :)

Hope you enjoy your day and don't forget to check out my post entitled I'm Bored.  You never know what is in that post. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

i'm Bored! :)

So, here it is a friday night, and I am bored! It is my wedding anniversary and my husband is out and town, and princess buttercup is sick.  In my boredom, I started looking at the number of comments I have had since I started my blog, I am 159.  I decided to have a giveaway.  I am going to give away a prize with 159 pieces.  It might include some eyelets, cricut cuts(just got a new cartridge), die cuts, ribbon, and a few other things. All you have to do it leave a comment on this post, be a follower and check back on Wednesday at 1:00pm central time.  I will post the winner then.  :)

I hope everyone is having a non boring night!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moldy Cheese Day

Sunday was Moldy Cheese day.  So over at the Eye-lets Etc blog our design team project was to make something for this occasion.

I love how this turned out.  I used green bazill cardstock for the base, the strip on the side is stained walnut, and the mat is lilac plaid.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glitter and Bling!

Whoo! I quickly finished this project, so I could get it in before the deadline.  I love how this turned out. Again, it was all scraps. 

The base is white glitter paper, then I cut the pink glitter paper with a scallop scissors.The flower was super easy.  I was a piece of glitter paper torn into a spiral, and then I just curled it up.  I tied the bow, with ribbon from my ribbon stash.  The LOVE is letters from my stash and I stuck them on with my sticker maker.

I am such a

I was in such a hurry I forgot to add the picture. So here it is. :)

Pink, Black and White

Wow!  I have a few started cards for World Card Making day, but I couldn't get them all finished.  I got this one done, and I am hoping to get the another one finished before the deadline in 20 min.  Anyway, this is the project for Pink, Black and White.

The paper is all scraps and the stamp is from MelJen's Designs.

Have a Fabulous Night!!

I am also linking this up for the Link Up For Pink at

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holiday card for Inking it up world card making day

I just got back from Colorado! I am so tired and have had no time to get creative. We had a whole weekend with no cell reception or internet.  It was kind of nice. :)

So, for world card making day Inking it Up Crazy had some challenges.  Go check all of them out. Here is the holiday challenge.  You saw the one I did for stamped cards, but here is my holiday card.

I hope to get a few more challenges done before the deadline tomorrow.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

World Card Making Day!!

Hey Everyone!
It is world card making day, and Kassidy over at Inking it Up Crazy is celebrating all day!
 She is having some cool challenges and some PRIZES!  I am super excited about it.  My contribution is a Stamped Images Card.  The tag is removable to become a bookmark.

  I stamped the image onto the tag, colored it, then searched through pagemaps for inspiration.  I found this one that fit in with what I wanted to do.
I think the sketch is adorable and it was perfect for my tag.  All the papers including the base were out of my scrap bin.  I wanted to do something fun, so I got out my Sew Easy and included a little stitching.  The buttons were the perfect touch to finish it off.

I hope you have a fabulous day and go join in on the challenges!