Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flower Hair clips

I am soo excited!! This whole thing posted cause Princess Buttercup got her cut, getting ready for second grade.  Afterwards we went to Walmart and she wanted to get a flower clip.  $5 for a stinking flower, not gonna happen.  So, I was know how to make them, just hadn't made any for a while.  The awesome idea came when I thought out the centers and remember my Mom has TONS of old jewelry that was my Grandma's and Great Grandma's. It is all old and broken, but it was still kept all these years. So I called my super fab Mom and she said I could come over and go through the flowers she has and the jewelry!

Some of the pieces of jewelry I am not putting in flowers, just putting them on clips for me.  I won't let Princess Buttercup wear some of these,just because I wouldn't want them lost.  So some are for me, some for her and some to share.

I will have more pictures to share and I make more.  There are a few I want to try on headbands too.

WARNING!!  Lots of pictures ahead. :)

Large pile that I brought home.

close up of a few pieces

Few more pieces

Some of my favorite pieces
Done clips. 

Clips for Princess Buttercup

I am gonna link these up at Made it Myself Mondays.

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Tisha said...

OMG Girlie! These are FABULOUS!!! I love this idea and my mom has old jewelry like this too from my grandma. What an awesome idea! I will be looking out for cheap flowers on sale! Can't wait to show my girls this post!