Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craft Room clean up day 1

I was really inspired when I read my blogger dashboard and saw June's post about her urge to purge.  You can check out June's blog here.  She has such beautiful projects, you will not regret checking her out.
Anyway, she is doing a craft room cleaning and purge and it really clicked with me that I needed to clean my craft room.  She is also taking pictures so I took a few pictures.

  A few weeks ago, I had a flat u shaped  desk.  There was no storage on it, and it was a little small because of the containers, i had stacked on it.  I saw a posting on craigslist,  Free desk, you just had to move it from the basement.  Ok, I reply. when I get there it is HUGE!!  (as you can see)  The basement is down 3 flights of stairs with multiple turns.  It was a giant pain to try and get out of the house!! My dad and friend were not very happy!!  I had to move stuff to the garage just to get the desk in my house. So now there is craft stuff in my room, garage, random bins in the house and with this project I want to get it all together and clean.  I started cleaning the desk to make room for when I clean out the bins.

 It was a quick project. It only took about 15 minutes including moving the shelves around.


June Houck said...

Woot woot! Your before picture looks SO MUCH like my work desk area...I am working around my room and will get to my work desk eventually :)

I am so elated to have bloggy friends like you join me in this venture. It makes it so much more fun!

Thank you for the sweet shout out too. You made my day!

Natasha said...

June's been inspiring everyone. Looks good, and kudos for finding a FREE desk!

Susan said...

Yet another thing we have in common...I too found my desk on Craigslist! My was $25 though. :(

I love all the room you have on it!


Lisa said...

Wow - what an awesome desk for FREE!! Woo-hoo!! So many awesome storage spaces...I'm jealous ;)


OmaGloria said...

Wow I love your desk!!! I am sure it was well worth the trouble arranging it. lol