Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chore fund and a few announcements

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are having a fabulous day.  This was a super quick project.  My husband has been after me to make a container for our chore fund.  I tried a few things, but I didn't like them.  I came up with this.  It is super simple, but I think it works. 

The bottle is a iced drink bottle.  I got a whole bag of them off Freecycle, so there will be a lot more bottle projects.  Anyway, I spray painted the top. Then I had a layout I made at archivers and it got all crunched up during cleaning so I took it apart and made parts of it into the bottle. The ginghams is 2.5 x 9 1/4 the butterfly, I remember was a stamp, and then it got punched out, and I think the flower was a punch too.   I took a paint marker and just wrote chore fund on it.  It is sort of hard to see cause it is a light purple.

I really kept it simple, because I didn't know how often it was going to be handled. 
Have a fabulous day!
Next Tuesday will be the Getting Cricky Link Up with Love for the month. The winner of last month's link up with be announced. Next Friday is the Monthly Getting Cricky blog hop, my very first one as a Jr DT member.
Finally, there is still time to get in on Kathie's Gypsy giveaway.  For a $3.00 donation you get entered into the drawing. She has set a new date for the drawing. December 1st she will pick a winner, just in a time for Christmas fun.

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Susan said...

Hey Jessie!

I typed up a comment and hit some button on my laptop and it disappeared so if you get a comment twice just know I'm not messing with you here! Any way, I like your chore jar, it's a really good idea! I did a swear jar a while back but after I found that I was the one putting the most money in I tucked it away! lol (I think my hubby and son forgot about it so keep it on the down low)!

I'm looking forward to Tuesday! Maybe I can get a sneak peek on what you will be showing at GC? :) Thank you also for mentioning the link up for last month, I've been wondering whatever came of it so I'm glad to hear it didn't vanish! Hope your having a great weekend!