Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage memory board

Hi everyone
I have a memory board to share. I was in an exchange and the person I made this for likes vintage things and she wanted her board to be blues and neutrals. This was so tough cause I don't make vintage styled things.  So here is what I created.


I found the door at a Habitat for Humanity store and knew it would be a perfect vintage board. My dad helped my cutting wood the door is attached to and drilling the holes for me. All the hardware is original.  I raided my mom's lace collection which included this vintage lace. We are pretty sure this lace was part of my grandma's craft stash and possibly my great grandma's.  Here are some close ups.

I made this flower by wrapping lace around. The bling in the center was an earring that was my great grandma's.
So I threaded the blue lace through the holes of the cream and stapled them to the board. I made the paper flowers from a spellbinders die.
I hope my partner likes it. I'm waiting to hear :)

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