Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dry Erase Teacher Board

Hello! Long Time no craft.  I have been crafting but my computer is not nice lately and I haven't been able to post. So, now it's being nice and I can share.

My daughter's second grade teacher was so awesome, and even though my daughter isn't in second grade we have stayed in contact with her teacher.  I saw something like this on pinterest.  Here is the link to what I saw.

I created this...

I had an old gold picture frame and I spray painted it blue.  Then I got this adorable paper and the lined part is the back of the school rocks paper.  I then cut the letters off of plantin schoolbook on the cricut.  I attached the ribbon to the glass before I slid it into the frame.  Then the teacher can write on the glass and then wipe it off.  It was a big hit!

I hope you like it and I'll share more this week.

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