Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Altered Mason Jar

Hello Everyone!   I have a cool project for you today.  I was cruising the evil place know as Pinterest and found this cool way of coloring Mason jars. So this is what I came up with.

I got a ton of mason jars at my Aunt's house. I used white school glue, a little water and some food coloring. I mixed red and blue to get my purple :)  I painted the mixture on the outside of my jar.  You have to flip the jar a few times during the drying so it doesn't run. A few things, make this at home. I did a crafting day with my sister and tried to drive home with it, and it wasn't dry and it fell out of the cup holder and got a little funky...lol  I still like it. Then I used white and black ribbon around the center and some bakers twine. Then I added my Pinque Peacock layered garden beauty from the May release and then the pin was made with beads from the bead buffet.

I hope you enjoyed the project and you will try to make some of these cool jars yourself     :D


scrapbookingforfun said...

Great use of Pinque Peacock items and a wonderful way to display your canned goods too!!
Pinquette Shelley

Marji Franklin said...

This is great! What a great gift!