Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I went to go pick winners from the blog hop this past weekend.  It ended up kinda funny.I used random.org and got 12 and 2, which are  Oma Gloria and Miranda. Who are 2 of my fabulous DT sisters.  So I will send those 2 ladies something, cause I owe Gloria something anyway. :)
 So I decided to draw 2 more...
I got 29 and 34  Shawn(another fab DT sister) and Michele from MS.  I have already have a package of stuff to send to Shawn, so I picked one more and got 19 which was Patti, (another DT sister) and I tried one last time... I got 4 Amanda!

So Amanda and Michele, I will send you each the ribbon.

My DT sisters who I picked I will also send you ladies some goodies. :)

Please email me your address at iluvkatie74atyahoodotcom

I will attempt to ship on Friday when my hubby gets paid. If I can get someone to drive to the PO. I am unable to drive right now with my injured ankle :)



OmaGloria said...

You are such a sweetheart! Congratulations to the final winners and to our fellow DT sisters!! Random.org must really like the Getting Cricky Design Team!! lol

Precious Hugs

Amanda said...

Ohhh Awesome!! TY!! I think this is only my second time EVER winning blog candy!! YAY!! :) Will email you shortly! :) TY TY


Michele from MS said...

Thank you so much!!! So very generous of you to choose extra winners! ((hugs))

Cheri said...

This totally cracks me up. I once chose a DT sister as a winner as well. I guess that means that the DT is great about commenting on each others posts. Have a great day Jessie.